Parmatma stands for God. Papers made at Parmatma Handmade papers are in the sense near to godliness as they are exotic, elegant, aesthetic make us feel homely and takes us back to nature from worldliness to godliness. Papers made at Parmatma are acid -free, wood-free, bio-degradable, recyclable and eco-friendly. Being acid-free, it is not affected by aging do not turn brittle and yellow. Made by cotton rags it is eco-friendly and saves deforestation.        



Parmatma is located in rural areas providing employment to many people helping them in their livelihood. People of Parma tama believes in continuous innovation and commits to deliver quality products on time.        



We not only supply unique hand made papers but also offer hand made paper products. Our speciality is hand made paper Carry Bags, handmade paper diaries, hand made paper Photo albums, stationeries, etc.



In the process of making Carry Bags we are fully flexible to customize products to cater your needs.